In memoriam - Prof. Avi Sadeh

Professor Avi Sadeh was the director of the Laboratory for Children's Sleep Disorders at the School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University, and a leader in the field of pediatric sleep research. He was a licensed clinical psychologist, and an expert in treating sleep disorders of infants and children. He authored "Sleeping Like a Baby", published by Yale University Press, and published numerous scientific papers on sleep assessment methods, sleep disorders in youth, and on the links between sleep and child development. Dr. Sadeh also served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Sleep Research, and was on the editorial board for Sleep Medicine Reviews and Sleep, as well as moderated the Pediatric Sleep Listserv for over 20 years.

Dr. Sadeh devoted his career to broadening our knowledge of sleep and sleep related phenomena. He was a pioneer in the realm of sleep research methodology, and was among the first researchers to demonstrate actigraphy as a valid way to estimate sleep-wake patterns. His contribution in the domain of effective treatments for sleep disturbances in infants and children is remarkable, including various investigations of cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches. His studies have provided evidence for associations between child sleep and behavioral and emotional regulation, cognitive functioning and psychopathology. He has also made substantial contributions to the field of nighttime fear assessment, related phenomena and treatment. His research encompasses many more issues, including parental sleep-related cognitions, cross-cultural comparisons of infant sleep patterns, and cognitive and emotional effects of sleep fragmentation and restriction.

In addition to these extraordinary accomplishments, Dr. Sadeh was an exceptionally outstanding mentor, teacher and advisor. He was extremely dedicated to his students and well-known for his kindness, humanity and generosity in encouraging learning and growth.

In memoriam - Avi Sadeh. The Sleep and Research Society

The Laboratory for Children's Sleep Disorders

The Laboratory for Children's Sleep Disorders at the Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University, serves as a research center and a clinic for infants and children with sleep problems. The laboratory has been supported by Helene and Woolf Marmot and it is a part of the Adler Center for Research in Child Development and Psychopathology. The laboratory has been founded headed by Prof. Avi Sadeh, a clinical psychologist and an expert on sleep disorders in infants and children. Prof. Sadeh is the author of the book "Sleeping Like a Baby", published by Yale University Press. He has treated hundreds of infants and children with sleep problems and participates in international forums and committees on topics related to pediatric sleep medicine. To learn more about Prof. Sadeh click here. To see the impact of our work as indicated by the number of scientific citations of our work click here.

Selected list of publications of Prof. Sadeh and from our laboratory

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